Simply Live Tax-Free!

You probably spend most of your time hanging out on this side of your wealth mountain. You may be paying for the advice of many advisors without knowing your “end-game.”

• Financial planners                 • IRS
• Tax preparers                         • CPAs
• HR managers                          • You
• Investors                                 • Banks
• Investment advisors             • Coaches
• Estate planners                      • Etrade
• Wealth managers
• Tax attorneys
• Business ownership
• Divorce attorneys
• Financial institutions
• Brokers of all kinds
• Insurance agents
• Business advisors
• Accountants

I hang out on this side of your wealth mountain to help you discover how to live out of Bucket #3 in retirement (Hint: no more income taxes).

The younger you start the better! I am helping people ages 18-70 set-up their tax-free retirement strategies.

Know your “end-game;” you ascent will be so much easier!

• Judy Carlson

The miracle happens as you plan for the distribution side of your wealth mountain!
Same mountain. Different sides. Different strategies.
Are you willing to invest 90 minutes?

“If what you thought to be true about your money turned out not to be true, when do you want to know?”

Who We Are

We are financial disruptors.

We focus on tax diversification strategies to help create a better financial future.

We are not financial planners; we fill the gaps they leave behind.

We live out of a spirit of gratitude.

We believe every person is uniquely created for purpose and destiny.

We are blessed to work with people from all walks of life because we believe life is more meaningful without the burden of financial stress.

We believe everyone has a bright future.

We believe education motivates action, especially when exchanging poor financial habits for healthier financial futures.

We serve people who are open minded, honest, caring, fun to be around, and hungry to learn more.

Our founder Judy Carlson spent 18 years buried in accounting, analysis, and corporate finance just to realize she wants to work with people not papers.

Our burning desire is helping people only pay as much taxes as they need to while growing their wealth.

We believe in living the fullest life possible while paying the lowest taxes possible.


Here’s what our clients are saying about Coram Deo Financial.

I met Judy as I was preparing for retirement. I was not satisfied with my current financial advisors, because they were not listening to me about how I wanted to be positioned for retirement. Judy actually listened to me. As a result of this process, we are currently putting in place a plan that has been generated to meet my needs.

Debbie M.

I attended short seminars by several financial strategists, including one by Judy. Judy and I then met one-on-one to further discuss what I was looking for. Judy kept providing additional information and details as I narrowed in on options that I believe would work best for my situation. The entire experience has been about me, not her or her company.

David S.


“The hardest thing in the world to understand is income taxes.”

-Albert Einstein

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