Sadly, most American taxpayers are completely unaware of what is going to happen to their hard-earned money in retirement.

If you are sending income to your retirement through an IRS 401k, IRA, 403b or SEP plan, you are in for a very rude awakening.

You are in debt to the IRS for all the unpaid taxes on that income. You have no idea what tax rate you are going to pay on all that income in the future. The IRS has complete control over your money in those plans.

Also, because you will be reporting “income” on your 1040 in retirement, the IRS taxes your Social Security benefits. Today, that will cost the average couple $250,000 of unnecessary taxes.

It’s not too late to fix your problem. The US tax code allows for American taxpayers to “cash flow” their retirement. “Cash flow” does not go on your 1040; therefore, you have no income, no taxes, and you keep all your Social Security benefits.

All it takes is a shift in thinking about how wealth really works in this country. I can help you discover strategies to take control of your taxes instead of your taxes taking control of you. It’s time to “Get Out of Tax Jail.”

Remember, You Can Live Tax-Free in Retirement!

Judy Carlson, CPA
CEO & Founder

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