Income or Cash Flow in Retirement?

If you are retired…
Not working…
Not earning money…

Why are you reporting income on your 1040?
And paying taxes on it?

The US tax code does not require you to file a tax return…if you don’t have any income.

Distributions from all tax-deferred plans and investment accounts generate income, which is:

  • Fully taxable
  • At the tax rates in effect at the time
  • Triggers taxes on Social Security benefits up to $250,000
  • Triggers higher Medicare premiums

What if you had cash flow instead of income in retirement?

  • No income
  • No taxes
  • No 1040
  • Keep all your Social Security benefits
  • Pay the lowest Medicare premiums

Start now preparing for cash flow. It’s the best financial decision you will ever make!

Remember, You Can Live Tax-Free in Retirement!

Judy Carlson, CPA
CEO & Founder

“Simply Live Tax-Free”

M: 720-445-1308